These quirky children are talented, creative, intelligent, and funny. They’re original thinkers. They’re problem solvers, typically in new and unexpected ways. And they have a hard time with their families, teachers, and peers.

“We’ve been to all these therapists, and you’re the first one who’s ever understood our child.”

Some children just don’t seem to respond to things the way most people do.

They have gigantic freakouts, meltdowns, or shutdowns about things most kids just wouldn’t be bothered by. Or they completely miss things most kids would never fail to notice. 

Some kids are just plain different.
They’re easy to love, but hard to raise, hard to teach, hard to discipline.

Traditional methods of teaching, parenting, and discipline

just don’t work with these kids. 

(Traditional therapy definitely doesn’t work.

You’ve probably tried that already.) 

“The last therapist spent a year playing Uno with him, and talking about movies, and nothing changed.”

We teach children and families skills that lead to success in the other 167 hours of the week. In the other 99.4% of your life. 

Your child’s problems don’t exist in our office. They exist at home. At school. At church. At sports practices. The solutions are going to exist out there too. So the therapy hour is a place where we teach skills, practice them, coach them, refine them. Then you take them out where the rubber hits the road.

“The last therapist wouldn't even talk to me in her presence. He said he didn't want to damage the therapeutic relationship.”

We value all our kids, but we don’t usually do individual therapy with them. If human behavior is a product of its environment—and we firmly believe it is—we are not the primary vehicle for change. Families are. Home is. So we work with families, empowering you all to be the agents of real and lasting change.

Your child doesn’t need us.
Your child needs you.
We’re not the ones who will change your child. You are.

“He’s completely changed for the better. It’s like he’s a different kid.”

“He’s the same kid he always was. You’re a different parent now.”

If you’re ready to be different,
make an appointment.

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